Hotel Las Torres Patagonia - , Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region, Chile

Guides and Baqueanos


Our highly qualified guides are an important part of the experience, bringing color to those little things that are generally overlooked. The guide is the key to living extraordinary moments while learning about the essence of the region. They are people attracted by passion for this untamed land, who came from different professional areas, but all of them have one thing in common – a love for Patagonia.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia has the support of scientists from different specialties, who offer lectures and training for the guides, giving them knowledge about flora, fauna, geology and the environment care. They are friendly and discreet, the guides are going to meet you at the airport leading you through your Patagonian adventure, telling you about local history and especial stories as well as important details about the deep relation that people live here with the amazing geography.


Baqueanos work in the hotel but in essence they represent what we want to transmit to our visitors. They are part of the Patagonian culture and the most striking personalities. Most of them have been taught since childhood to ride and trust instincts of horses.

Their typical and attractive clothing includes baggy trousers, beret, scarf, belt / sash, knife on the belt, and leather accessories. They have somewhat shy personality but thanks to the often contacts and interaction with the tourists they have learned to communicate very well with guests and have good relation with them.
Every horseback tour always includes the company of a baqueano to ensure the safety.

They will teach you how to ride a horse and if you wish, you can also try to do a good gallop crossing the Patagonian Mountains without any restriction.

After a trip there are many indoor activities for your enjoyment such as sauna and herbal baths, Jacuzzi, several lounges with fireplace, or breakfast in bed among many other possibilities. This delicious combination of discovery and comfort will make your vacation an unforgettable experience.

Far from the tourist paths normally used, Las Torres offers a different vision, doing special emphasis on appreciation and respect for the ecology and the environmental preservation.

The Hotel goal is to create a balanced combination of culture, nature and comfort in one of the most impressive national parks in Latin America and achieve that “natural and authentic experience” with Las Torres stile.

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