Hotel Las Torres Patagonia - , Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region, Chile

Half Day

During three or four hours, you can make amazing tours, getting to know the main attractions offered by the Park Torres del Paine. Horseback riding, hiking, and even trips by car, will take you to beautiful places, viewpoints of Salto Grande and Laguna Azul, you will see abundant flora and fauna. The lunch will take place at the Hotel.

Horseback ride per hour

Designed for people who have not spent much time around horses, this excursion will help you become more familiar with the animals. We will join the gauchos in the corral and stable and learn how to ride correctly on the land surrounding the hotel.

Sarmiento Lake

This four-hour trek takes us through Paso la Feria, an exposed pass through a narrow valley. We hike through a beech forest to the banks of Lago Sarmiento, where we will stop to examine a collection of calcium carbonate formations. You will explore landscapes of pre Andean shrubs, and see the contrasts of the Patagonian colors with a majestic mountain backdrop.

Salto Grande

You will arrive to the Salto Grande area by vehicle, and after walking in the area, you will find yourself surrounded by one of the most beautiful views of the Paine Massif. On the way back you will get to Salto Grande, natural union of the lakes Nordenskjold and Pehoe. This area is also characterized for its richness in vegetation.

During this excursion, which is half of the Full Paine option, we will see all the features the park is known for, with the exception of its glaciers. Expect stunning views of mountains, lakes and lagoons and to run across a number of plants and animals.

Blue Lagoon

This half-day excursion is the best option for people who would like to see the Torres del Paine without all the walking. We should see many of the plants, animals and birds – flamingos, condors, water birds and predatory birds – the park is known for.

You will see great views of the Towers of Paine and the enormous landscapes that brought great part of the explorers into the area. You will visit Laguna Amarga and discover the different organisms that live there.


We visit the places where the indigenous Aónikenk people lived more than 7,000 years ago. We will hike from Lago Sarmiento to a collection of Aónikenk drawings still visible on a rock wall. We are likely to run into many of the types of plants and animals – such as guanacos, rheas and condors – that populated the land during the Aónikenk epoch and are still alive today.

Nordenskjöld Lake

You will cross rivers, go down sandy rock dunes and visit gorgeous surroundings. You will have the possibility to practice and learn about horses. During this excursion you will be able to enjoy the flora, wild life, and beautiful views of the Nordenskjold Lake and Almirante Nieto Mount.

* Experience Required: Some

Lenga Forest

This excursion is designed for people interested in learning about the ecosystem of the Patagonian lenga forests. As we explore old lenga forests in the land surrounding Las Torres, we look for Magellanic woodpeckers, Austral parakeets and Chilfliean flickers as well as the scat of various members of the cat family, including the puma. You will get to a great viewpoint of the Laguna Azul.

* Experience required: None(*)
This excursion is available only to guests who are participating in the Las Torres programs.

Inge Lagoon

From the hotel you will border the south side of Almirante Nieto Mount getting a spectacular view of it, and getting to learn about the pre Andean vegetation. You will arrive to the Inge lagoon, from where you can also get a superb view of Lake Nordenksjold.

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