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Baqueanos: symbol of Patagonia

Baqueanos, Hotel Las Torres, Patagonia Chilena The Baqueano is the personage who dominates the Patagonia, the potatoes and solitary winters. Owners of cattle, always watchful and aware of potential dangers; they have weather-beaten skin, in which you can read age and experience, always accompanied only by their sheepdog and the solitude of the sky.

Free and independent, the Baqueano is characterized by the knowing the nature, their skill on horseback and their amazing sense of locality, no matter if it is dark or if they are pass through unknown territory.

Baqueanos, Hotel Las Torres, Patagonia Chilena The professor, journalist and former Argentine president, Domingo Fausto Sarmiento, wrote that the Baqueano “is a serious and reserved gaucho who knows by heart twenty thousand miles square of plains, forests and mountains.” He can be distinguished by his typical dress, beret, scarf, boots, leather belt and sometimes by a poncho. He also uses accessories such as a rope, bolas and is always with a belt knife.

While initially they are shy and modest by their solitude, the Baqueanos are gentle and hospitable to tourists, have no problem teaching what they know and talk about the environment and tell anecdotes.

The Baqueanos are also responsible for leading the horseback excursions of Hotel Las Torres Patagonia and even teach how to gallop on the paths of Torres del Paine National Park, so visitors should only enjoy the magnificent scenery.