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Stories about the Endurance Ride

October 4th, 2013

3-year-old Defeats more Experienced Riders in the Endurance Ride. Published on the website of La Nación (, 14 abril 2013


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Enduro Ecuestre 2013

April 29th, 2013

Enduro Ecuestre 2013

Este 13 de abril se celebró la 9° versión del “Enduro Ecuestre 2013” en Torres del Paine, combinando toda la magia de este apasionante deporte con los espectaculares paisajes de uno de los parques nacionales más importantes de la Patagonia. El Enduro Ecuestre es uno de los deportes más extremos del planeta, en el cual los mejores jinetes con sus caballos muestran sus dotes y sus grandes capacidades para la competencia, creando así una relación muy íntima entre el hombre y su cabalgadura.

Esta carrera regida por el Reglamento FEI internacional vigente desde el 2009, culminó exitosamente contando con asistentes de diferentes partes del mundo quedando realmente entusiasmados por lo que se vive en el sur de nuestro país, el día sábado 13 de abril de 2013.

Contamos con la participación de diferentes jinetes sin importar la edad, como lo hizo Milan Kusanovic de 3 años, participante en la categoría infantil del enduro ecuestre de Torres del Paine, quedando en el segundo lugar de su categoría infantil tras Daniel Bahamondes, un experimentado hijo de gauchos. En la categoría de Adultos 80 km FEI en primer lugar James Mac Mahon en Gavilan, en segundo lugar Tamara Macleod en Guajira y en el tercer lugar Tonja Hardyman en Martes 13. Terminando con el primer lugar de Ramiro Mancilla en la categoría de adultos 80km Nacional en Uranio.

Enduro Ecuestre 2013 frente a Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

Chile is YOURS

December 19th, 2012

The Magellan stand an our Hotel’s too where very appreciated, attracting all kinds of public to out millenarian ice simulation, the regional folklore interpreted by Chepo Sepúlveda and the tasting of regional products, Kiosko Roca’s “choripan” and Magellan lamb.

The four days event had important visits of chilean authorities and magellan people who lives in the capital. Chile’s yours is an initiative devised by Sernatur, witch seeks that Chileans think of their own country as a destination for their next vacation.

Hotel Las Torres is more than a hotel. Find out!

December 19th, 2012

Our hotel is a marvellous place. There is a lot of stuff to do, to feel and to live in Torres del Paine.

Out there we see about 126 species living in the park. To see them closely it’s necessary to respect their spaces and a big quota of luck. For example, our local guides say that if you want to see a mountain lion (puma) you need to be very awake in the pick-up tours that depart at sunrise. Protected by the natural darkness, you can see their silhouette. Foxes also can be seen during the day, specially in the way to Laguna Azul. The guanacos are everywhere, and you can see the big Condor flying all around.

To recover your strength, a SPA session at Hotel Las Torres Patagonia’s SPA is the perfect thing to do. We have a sauna, whirlpool and expert massage therapists. You will need this.

Very near to the SPA is our organic garden. Almost the 30% of our food is cultivated here, including the fruits, the strawberrys and the green leaves of the salads.

The divinities of Hotel Las Torres

November 15th, 2012

Farm Life

More than 400 kilometers are between the airport of Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine National Park. A long journey is interrupted, for guests of the hotel Las Torres, with lunch at the Cerro Negro residence. While the lamb is roasted in the stick, which will be accompanied by homemade bread and cooked potatoes with pebre, visitors can see the dog house, Coirón, guiding sheep while his master Don Gerardo is playing his accordion, and also delve into the history of this house built in the early twentieth century, which keeps intact its decor and style typical of the first immigrants who came to this area.

Full Paine

To make long breath walks like the W circuit (4-5 days) or the Grande (7-10 days) it takes time and fitness. An alternative to meet the most emblematic places of the park is to combine trekking with a route truck. The Full Paine tour is a good alternative and can be done in one day. You leaves early and you can meet, among others, the Salto Grande, the Cuernos of Paine, Paine waterfall and glacier Grey. In the latter there are two options: walking along the shore of the lake and see the glacier from the lookout, or take the Grey II boat, approaching the ancient ice while visitors take pisco sour and whiskey.

Informe Enduro Ecuestre en Torres del Paine 2012

May 25th, 2012

Enduro Ecuestre El 29 de Abril 2012, se corrió con gran éxito la 8va versión del Enduro Ecuestre de Torres del Paine, competencia que combinó toda la magia de este apasionante deporte con los espectaculares paisajes del parque nacional más importantes de la Patagonia chilena, y que contó con la participación del campeón panamericano de Enduro Ecuestre, el uruguayo Bernardo Algorta y Cristina Rocha, destacada animadora de TV brasileña que practica este deporte.

Para conocer los resultados del evento, descargue la ficha completa.

Missão Chile: Brazilians Fascinated with the Chilean Patagonia

May 7th, 2012

Ana Hickmann en Hotel Las Torres - Torres del Paine - Patagonia - ChileThe fabulous Ana Hickmann visited Chile, and traveled directly to Patagonia and to Hotel Las Torres, to witness the wonders of Torres del Paine National Park.

She and her team traveled the most emblematic landscapes and participated in all activities and challenges, despite the weather.

See the full report, in Portuguese, and marvel at recognizing our Patagonia through the eyes of a very Brazilian travelers.

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The National Park Torres del Paine is open for tourists

January 5th, 2012

Since the 4th of January 2012, the National Park Torres del Paine is open for tourists. Although it’s opening has been partial, (only the north part) all security measures have been taken to ensure the safety to every tourist.

This is a map of the open sector that has not been affected by the fire and also the trails that can be used with out restrictions.

map of the open sector that has not been affected by the fire

As can be seen, the major part of the national park is not in danger and has not been affected by fire.

IMPORTANT: The opening of the park is to be in two stages: the first one is immediate, which started on January 4th at 8 am. The second one is a gradual opening of other sectors of the park.

Is it not known yet when the other areas will be in condition to be opened, but we expect this to happen in the next days. We will update this information daily so everyone knows when the other areas of the National Park are safe to visit.

In the meantime the internal roads of the Park are cut for safety reasons.

In order to deliver important information regarding the National Park, the fire, and the services provided, a FAQ list has been made. All the questions were answered with precise and reliable information.

  1. Is it safe to be in the National Park?
  2. The fire has not affected the open area; it is in fact several kilometers from where the fire passed. Everything its been closely watched and controlled by the government and by Conaf brigade. The only two entrances to the Park are “Laguna Amarga”, and Laguna Azul.

  3. From Hotel Las Torres / Fantástico Sur areas, is it possible to see an affected area?
  4. Due to the great distance between this area and the fire, it is not possible to do so. Also for safety reasons it is forbidden to get any closer to such areas.

  5. What excursions are available?
  6. There are still a variety of excursions available. During the first stage of opening, the excursions are as follows:

    Excursions Available:
    Important information: until January 8th all horseback riding here mentioned are limited due to the support given to the brigade in the French area. Horses are important logistic help to everyone working on fire.

    Full day excursions:

    Las Torres, Ascencio trail (horseback riding Trekking)
    Cerro Paine, with a view of Las Torres del Paine (Full Day and Half day) horseback riding and trekking
    Sierra Baguales (car) Available from the 10th of January.
    Enchanted Valey (horseback riding)
    Los Cuernos (horseback riding and Trekking)
    For more information about these excursions please visit

    Half-day excursions:
    Laguna Azul (car)
    Lenga Forests (horseback riding)
    Nordenskjold Lake (horseback riding and Trekking)
    Laguna Inge (trekking and horseback riding)
    Horse back riding per hour.

    For more information about these excursions please visit

  7. Will smoke and ashes affect us during our stay?
  8. There are neither ashes nor smoke affecting the opened areas.

    Nevertheless, important information will be daily updated, and any change will be posted on internet.

  9. Is it possible to see an affected area?
  10. In the meantime is it not possible to get close to affected areas. It is expected that within the next few days the road to the Grey Glacier opens, in which case it will be possible to see from the Van some areas affected by fire.

  11. What other sector of the park can be visited?
  12. The Serrano sector is fully open. Zodiacs can reach this area from Puerto Natales. It is an important entrance to the park where several hotels can be found. For the mean time there is no internal access from Serrano to the National Park, or the open areas (Laguna Amarga- Azul). Hopefully this situation will change in a few days.

  13. Is the fire extinguished? Is it dangerous for tourists to visit the park?
  14. Presently there is no information to indicate that the fire is a hazard to tourists that visit the park. However there is a constant vigilance by the government of the areas near by the sector available for tourism.

    The fire is being fought with all the governmental resources available, and is it expected that it will be fully extinguished any time soon.

  15. The French Valley area appears as unaffected by the fire. Can it be visited?
  16. Now it is not possible to visit the French Valley. Therefore tourists will only be able to reach Refugio Cuernos. It is expected that within the next few days all that Area will be open.

  17. Is Catamaran Pehoe functioning?
  18. Spite the fact that the Catamaran was not damaged for fire, the area will remain closed. There is no certain information as to when the navigation Pehoe – Pudeto will be opened again. The access to them remains closed.

  19. What are the problems one might encounter there? Is the hotel fully working?
  20. There are some excursions that will not be available during this fits opening, such as:

    • Full Paine with Grey Glacier Navigation. Salto Grande
    • Sendero de los Lagos
    • French Valley

    We will inform when this situation changes.

  21. Is Serrano area open for visits?
  22. The navigation from and to Puerto Natales are fully operating as well as the hotels located in this area.

    For now the area has no access to the open sectors of the park, because the internal roads are closed.

    There is no information as to when these will be opened, but it is expected to be within a matter of days. Information, of course, will be updated daily regarding the conditions of the affected areas and the opening of roads inside the park

  23. Is Glacier Grey navigation available?
  24. The navigation is not operating at this time because the access to it remains closed. It is expected to starts operating very soon.

  25. What percentage of the park has been affected by the fire?.
  26. So far, the affected areas about 12.000 hectares, which represent a 5% of the national park

  27. From Puerto Natales, what road do I have to take to arrive to the National Park?
  28. Today, the only access to the National Park is from the entrances Laguna Amarga. To access this area from Puerto Natales its necessary to take the road to CERRO CASTILLO and then to LAGUNA AMARGA. ( About 1,5 hrs from P. Natales to Torres del Paine ).

    It is important to emphasize that the limitations in the excursions and roads are temporary. Therefore it is expected that within a few days the internal paths are opened, giving access to the south part of the park.

For any further questions please, contact our sale staff:

Pamela Osorio – Sales deparment
Skype: reservas2.lastorres.

Pamela Melian – Sales executive
Skype: reservas1.lastorres.

Carolina Bravo – Sales executive
Skype: reservas4.lastorres.

Jeanette Haro – All inclusive program coordinator
Skype: reservas1.lastorres

Marcela Rozas – Sales executive
Skype: reservas6.lastorres

Lorenzo Barassi – Online sales executive
Skype: lorenzo.barassim

Mauricio Kusanovic Olate.

Sales & Marketing Manager

The Wonders of Mount Almirante Nieto

December 13th, 2011

Almirante Nieto MountainMount Almirante Nieto is located in the southeast extreme of the Paine Massif. To the north you can see the Torres del Paine and to the west, Los Cuernos.

Although Mount Almirante Nieto goes unnoticed by visitors of the Torres del Paine National Park, if you look carefully you may see his multifaceted peak. Each of its faces is different and depending on where you look, it looks like a entirely different hill.

The top of Mount Almirante Nieto is one of the most prized by mountaineers, because it has a normal route of less difficulty compared with those of the neighboring hills.

Some of our tours surround Mount Almirante Nieto, for one of its sides, so that visitors can admire its beauty anyway.

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The best Spa in Patagonia

October 28th, 2011
sap1 An exceptional way to relax after all day tour in amazing Patagonia is visiting the spa in the Hotel Las Torres; spa, that combines elements of native of the zone with the best Chilean products.

Here you can enjoy a revitalizing massage, the goodness and healing benefits of the mud, relax in a sauna or receive a soothing hidromassage, all with the care and dedication of our experts.

The Hotel Las Torres Patagonia offers services for all types of people and tastes, whether for a birthday celebration, revitalizing treatments or simply relax. If you want to have time just for you and your couple, we recommend the “Honeymoon Suite” which includes sauna, simultaneous massages and jacuzzi, all accompanied by white wine or Chilean champagne.

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