Hotel Las Torres Patagonia - , Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region, Chile


The incredible beauty of the landscape and the rich biodiversity that exists in the Torres del Paine National Park, is an amazing scenery that attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world to experience this piece of untouched nature.

Motivated by the increasing interest of visitors in the park and the corresponding growing touristic investments, in 2004 a group of friends and the owners of Estancia Cerro Paine decided to establish the environmental association AMA – Agrupación Medio Ambiental – Torres del Paine.

Some Activities of AMA

Teaching the community
AMA organizes community discussions about different environmental themes, and the Las Torres guides give talks about responsible hiking on a regular basis.

Maintenance of hiking trails
With the help of volunteers, each year the trails to the base of Las Torres, Serón and Cuernos are optimized. Also, in a forest near the hotel, an Interpretative Trail was created to be able to observe the most relevant species of flora and fauna of the region.

More than 15 research projects have been supported by AMA, such as “Dynamic predator v/s prey – between puma and domestic livestock” by Melissa M. Grigione, and “Human effects on lenga forests” by Osvaldo Vidal amongst others. Environmental education: Many schools of the region, during their visit to the park, receive lectures and guided tours about protection of the environment and also participate in cleaning and maintenance programs.
Environmental trekking reports of touristic activities in Estancia Cerro Paine are developed and are used to make improvements such as garbage treatments, clenaning, and education for guests and employees of the Estancia.

AMA´s sustainability

Every program package comes with an AMA walkway membership. The funds gathered through the sales of the programs go towards to goals set by Torres del Paine environmental group clearly stated in

With the purchase of a program, our clients are supporting forest fire prevention, the implementation of renewable energies, path recuperation and other activities that insure that the tourism doesn’t have a negative impact on the nature that surrounds us.

AMA is being supported by volunteers, local companies, and the donations of visitors. The resources that are collected are fundamental for the realization of conservation projects.

AMA is a developing project that needs the help of everyone so it can work. There is still a lot left to do. If you wish to collaborate with us, or obtain more information, please visit our webpage

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