Hotel Las Torres Patagonia - , Magallanes and Antartica Chilena Region, Chile


Fantástico Sur

Fantástico Sur offers accommodation in Refugios, Campings and Cabins in Torres del Paine along the famous trekking circuit “W” and at the beginning of the “BIG” Circuit.

We are at the foot of the Paine Massif, where adventurers who love hiking and more intimate contact with nature and Mountain life are able to acquire services of accommodation, food and information during the journey of one of the most famous trekking destinations in the World.

Besides we offer Programs to trek the W Circuit, including transportation, accommodation and meals.

  • Cabins Los Cuernos
  • Refugio Torre Central, Torre Norte and Camping Torres
  • Refugio and Camping Los Cuernos
  • Refugio and Camping El Chileno
  • Camping Serón

All the Refugios have shared rooms with bunk beds for 6 (Refugios Torre Central and Torre Norte) and 8 people (Refugios Los Cuernos and El Chileno).

Our Operations base is located in Torres del Paine National Park and our commercial office is in Puerto Natales. Contact:, website:


Endurancex organizes long distance resistance horse races in the Torres del Paine area. More than a race it is a thrilling opportunity to gallop through Patagonian sceneries for miles at a time. Every year Endurance X chooses a different location in Torres del Paine for the 60 to 80 kilometer runs, a true adventure of a lifetime!

Pingo Salvaje

Pingo salvaje is a horse- lovers, family bussiness, who are totally convinced that living and being part of patagonia is such a great experience. With a capacity of 8 guests the country house is a comfortable place where our guests will feel conected to nature.

Ridding and walking, you will have a great stay and delicious food, we invite you to enjoy every beautiful corner of Estancia Laguna Sofia and discover the real Patagonia with Pingo Salvaje. / /(09) 62360371- 76016983

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