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Hotel Las Torres

Direct route to Las Torres del Paine

Valle Ascencio - Creative Commons joerghassAscencio Valley is known for being the most difficult point of circuit “W”, a narrow path that can take up to four hours of trekking, located on a hill, surrounded by forests of large ñirres and blizzards in the spring season and summer.

Although the required effort in this trip is intense, you will forget this immediately, seeing directly the iconic peaks of Las Torres: north, central and south with a vast lagoon of turquoise waters.

For security reasons it is recommended to travel in large groups or take part in organized tour, moreover use trekking poles and clothing against the cold and wind.

You don’t need to carry many things; this route is only two hours north from Hotel Las Torres Patagonia.

Along the route through the Ascencio Valley you will see in their natural habitat huemul, an emblematic animal of Chile and Magellan Region and also exotic orchid, both endangered species.

One of the possibilities recommended for expert travelers who like extreme sports, is the Valle del Silencio, a plain surrounded by hills Oggioni, Trident and Condor’s Nest. It is an hour’s walk to the north, near Camp Japanese, and it is an ideal place for mountaineering enthusiasts.
Importantly, the Japanese Camp and Camp Chileno are open between September and March only, for climatic reasons.