Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres
Hotel Las Torres

The divinities of Hotel Las Torres

Farm Life

More than 400 kilometers are between the airport of Punta Arenas and Torres del Paine National Park. A long journey is interrupted, for guests of the hotel Las Torres, with lunch at the Cerro Negro residence. While the lamb is roasted in the stick, which will be accompanied by homemade bread and cooked potatoes with pebre, visitors can see the dog house, Coirón, guiding sheep while his master Don Gerardo is playing his accordion, and also delve into the history of this house built in the early twentieth century, which keeps intact its decor and style typical of the first immigrants who came to this area.

Full Paine

To make long breath walks like the W circuit (4-5 days) or the Grande (7-10 days) it takes time and fitness. An alternative to meet the most emblematic places of the park is to combine trekking with a route truck. The Full Paine tour is a good alternative and can be done in one day. You leaves early and you can meet, among others, the Salto Grande, the Cuernos of Paine, Paine waterfall and glacier Grey. In the latter there are two options: walking along the shore of the lake and see the glacier from the lookout, or take the Grey II boat, approaching the ancient ice while visitors take pisco sour and whiskey.