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Hiking in Torres del Paine: An unique experience

Hiking, Torres del Paine, PatagoniaA journey by unknown routes is always a challenge for those, who want to go into areas that man has not intervened and are kept intact. The desire to experience and connect with nature has encouraged many people around the world to visit Torres del Paine Park.

There is no doubt that the highest of Los Cuernos and impressive mountains make that the Park is a unique destination for lovers of outdoor sports and hiking.

What do you need to take to climb in Torres del Paine?

Torres del Paine are considered one of the toughest and wildest climbs of the world. Their summits have an average of 2-3 thousand meters high, and climatic variations that occur as one is climbing, and taking in consideration occasional winds of 100 kilometers per hour, turn the escalation of Las Torres into extremely challenging.

Therefore, it is necessary to submit documents confirming and authorizing your ability to climb.

The first thing you will need is permission required by the Government of Chile, both from domestic and foreign tourists. The permission is checked by the administration of the Park, which is located on the northern edge of Lake Toro. The expedition leader must present there documents to identity all members.

Chileans must prove their expertise in mountain sports and present a special curriculum with specified full names and phones numbers in case of accident. Foreigners must submit an authorization from the Directorate of Borders and Boundaries (DIFROL), which can be obtained online on the website of the institution or through the Embassy of Chile in each country, or in the provincial government of Puerto Natales.

It is important to mention that all members of the expedition must have accident insurance, which should also be presented for the Park Administration, with other documents.

What are the best peaks to climb?

While there are many interesting and difficult peaks to climb in the Torres del Paine National Park, three Las Torres are the most famous and present the biggest challenge for many climbers. Among them, the South tower is the highest and most difficult to achieve.

While the North Tower measures 2,260 meters, the central 2,460 meters, the South Tower reaches the 2,500 meters.

Who have undertaken the task of climbing this mountain, know that the perception of low height is misleading, because the winds of 100 km / hr and snowstorms make this adventure really difficult.

What is the best time to climb?

The spring season is, without doubt, the ideal time to hiking. Since October, when the season begins, until February, when summer is ending, the weather permits to climb without the complications in Patagonia. Still, blizzards and storms may occur, so it is advisable to go prepared for all types of weather.

The camping ground conditions to make stops along the way, involve necessity of taking tents and seepage water, cooking utensils to prepare your own food. In order to reach the highest points of the peaks without unpleasant surprises, the main recommendations are:

Climb the circuit in the opposite direction as the rotating hands of a clock: Patagonia’s winds are quite strong and make the trip to the left means never have reached them.

Use insect repellent: Although the weather in Torres del Paine is characterized by being cold, mosquitoes can become a big problem if you don’t take some kind of protection. When the strong of wind drops to four miles per hour, it results in the appearance of these nasty insects.

Don’t make a fire outside camps: In 2005 a fire caused by a tourist who started a fire outside the camping area, destroyed 1,500 hectares of Torres del Paine. It is very important to enjoy the wonderful natural environment and preserve it for future generations.

Making camp-fires is strictly prohibited in the Patagonia.

Do not buy bottled water: The water in many lakes and rivers Park is safe to drink.

Hotel Las Torres is an excellent choice for athletes wishing to stay a few days at the foot of the imposing mountains and take advantage of the peace of this place. Hotel also offers a lot of tours for each type of guest who enjoy wildlife such as hiking, horseback and vehicle expeditions.

Each of them provides an opportunity to meet with mountains, observe and understand the flora and fauna. You can’t miss it…