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About Torres del Paine National Park


4. How to get to the National Park?

The Torres del Paine National Park is located in the commune of Torres del Paine, province of Ultima Esperanza, Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica.

When we talk about Patagonia, we think also of extensive territories and places with very little human intervention, when you can find mostly Estancias (farms), used for sheep farming and ranching.

The main cities in transit passengers are:

Punta Arenas (Chile): 395 Kms

Puerto Natales (Chile): 150 km (between P. Arenas and Torres del Paine)

Calafate (Argentina): 394 km

More information with related maps and routes you can find on page “How to get there”.

The hotel offers direct transport from any of these 3 cities without restriction of days of entry

5. How far is to the Hotel from Las Torres del Paine?


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