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A collection of elements from the Chilean nature come together to deliver treatments designed to revitalize.

The Spa Hotel Las Torres counts with hydro-massages, fango therapy, sauna, reflexology and massages that will revitalize the body, promote circulaction, hydrate the skin and relax the muscles.

Combined Package

Revitalization for the Mountaineer($ 100.000)*
Start with 30 minutes of sauna with aromas of Chilean herbs together with natural juices to keep you rehydrated. Then, enjoy a relaxing massage of 90 minutes using oils with properties recommended for muscular aches. The treatment will conclude with 30 minutes of a bubbly and relaxing Jacuzzi with salts or natural herbs of Patagonia that will revitalize your skin.

Paine Energies for the Body ($ 130.000)*
Enjoy 45 minutes of a revitalizing full body treatment with Patagonian scrubbing mud combined with sauna and fruit refreshments. Continue with 60 minutes of a full body massage, and end with 40 minutes of a bubbly and aromatic Jacuzzi that will leave your skin soft and revitalized.

Honneymoon Suite ($ 160.000 couple price)*
Enjoy with your couple 30 minutes of sauna with intervals of natural refreshments. Then receive a couple ́s massage for one hour with natural oils, and end with another 45 minutes of an aromatic and bubbly Jacuzzi.

Birthday (85.000)*
Enjoy 30 minutes of sauna followed by 45 minutes of massage with natural oils. To end, you will receive a 30 minute Jacuzzi with mineral salts taken from nearby lakes, which will revitalize your body and make you feel brand new.

(*) Prices don’t include taxes
Children up to the age 12 pay 50% of the price

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Booking procedure…

To make your reservation at Spa Las Torres you need to do so through the reception or by dialing #300 from the commodity of your room. At the time of booking it is important to let us know if you have any health problems (high blood pressure, allergies, physical disease or disability).

To get the best out of your visit, we suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. If you feel any discomfort during the treatment please inform immediately.

If you need any help deciding the best treatment for you.