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Although the park is located in an area that includes a “mild- cool climate, rainy, without dry season”, the weather conditions observed during the year are various, depending on location, altitude, topography, or proximity to glaciers, lagoons or lakes. The characteristic aspect of the area is its thermal homogeneity, which allows tourists to visit this place in every season.

The cooler temperatures are recorded in summer. The month of January records the annual maximum, that fluctuates around the 15 º C, while in winter the minimum temperature does not drop below -2.5 °C (in July, the coldest month).

One of the most climatic characteristics of the Park Torres del Paine is the wind, which is very often during the spring and summer seasons. In the winter time the drop of temperature provokes the cooling of the continental air mass, offsetting the atmospheric dynamics.

Most of those winds are from the west. The coldest is the south wind, because of its polar origin. Another thing that defines the climate of this sector is the absence of a dry season. Due to the lay of the land it is difficult to describe an overall rainfall in the area. In general the western sector is much rainier than the eastern.
max °F
min °F
Dec – Feb
March – May
June – Aug
Sep – Nov

The rainiest month is, undoubtedly, March, with an average of 190mm, the contrary happens between July and October, recognized as the less humid periods in the year. An annual average is about 40 mm per month.

Recommended Clothes

To enjoy without worries Torres del Paine, and fully delight tours organized by Hotel Las Torres, we recommend you travel with adequate clothing.

The climate variations and daily changes in summer time allow you to enjoy a delicious juice in the Hotel terrace just in a T-shirt. However, during the night the temperature drops significantly, so we suggest bringing sweaters, parkas, hats and gloves.

If you want to do trekking, consider that you can be hot due to the exercise of the walk, but also cold because of the wind and sleed common in the area. Therefore it is advisable to carry two pairs of boots for trekking, quick-drying trousers, shirt, and a windproof fleece jacket easy to transport.

For eyes and skin care, you should wear sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen and lip balm.

For greater safety, you may bring or buy at the same hotel walking sticks which will be used during the excursions through the most beautiful paths of Torres del Paine Park.