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Newsletter January 2014

Dear Friends: We extend our gratitude for your work ethic, enthusiasm and loyalty during 2013! With deep sincerity, we wish you all a 2014 filled with joy and happiness, as we reach new goals both professional and personal!


Management Team

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Supports Sustainability

As you well know, Hotel Las Torres supports sustainability while striving to be innovators in the field: not only stressing in our employees the consciousness of sustainability, but also transmitting our knowledge to our visitors. To help support this task, we have provided a link on our website called “The Responsible Tourists Code of Conduct” which highlights a series of guidelines created by Sernatur, for the responsible traveler.

We hope you will download this form and support us in our quest to create a common consciousness of sustainability, while being a respectful visitor to our beautiful Torres del Paine National Park.

Winner of the “CapelPuro Talent 2013” Challenge

Federico Gill, bartender at the “El Pionero” was selected as the champion of the “CapelPuroTalento 2013” challenge, when his drink Aborigen, was chosen from amongst 150 competing cocktails.

The artistic display of the Aborigen drink, was accentuated by innovative flavors and a distinctly different presentation, which left judges and tasters stunned and impressed. Our company is proud and delighted by this great achievement.

Congratulations to the team at “El Pionero” Bar!

Enduro Ecuestre 2013 frente a Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

Endurance 2014

Information pertaining to the 10th Annual Equestrian Endurance 2014, which will take place in the Torres del Paine National Park, is now available on our website.

Endurance racing is considered one of the planet’s most extreme sports, andit is easy to appreciate the complex, adrenaline filled connection between horse and rider, which transforms this sport into a true passion.

Hotel Las Torres has the pleasure to invite you to be part of this exciting, action packed event ( the worlds southernmost endurance race) while discovering the incredible Torres del Paine National Park 8th Wonder of the World.