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Punta Arenas Travel Guide – Part II

If you prefer a natural goodness of the area, Punta Arenas offers a variety of scenarios, for both the family and for adventure tourism.

  • Punta Arenas - Cerro MiradorIdeal for athletes with a certain level of experience and adrenalin seekers is the Centro de Ski Cerro Mirador, located in the Magallanes National Reserve, 600 meters above the height of the sea and 30 minutes from Punta Arenas, more specifically by Peninsula Brunswick.
    The place has 12 trails, rental of equipment, instructors, and a medical center. Its strategic location makes it ideal to have views of Punta Arenas, Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan. You can also do trekking and learn more about the flora and fauna along the clearly marked trails.
    It’s important to highlight that it doesn’t have a paved road, making it necessary to mobilize in cars with chains. We recommend visiting the area in summer (December-March) or spring (September-December) to avoid the rainy season and low temperatures.
  • Punta Arenas - Cabo FrowardYou can also take zodiacs expeditions through the Cape Horn, Glacier Balmaceda and Serrano, the fjord of Good Hope (Buena Esperanza), Cape Froward (at the end of the mainland, famous for The Cross of the Seas) and the Magdalen and Santa Maria Islands, home to a large colony of sea lions, cormorants, Antarctic gulls and Magellanic penguins, which come to nest in pairs. If you take a tour with trekking included, find out if the roads are suitable for children or if the difficulty is high, medium or basic.

An option for the whole family is Estancia Otway, best known as the Parque Ñandú (Ostrich Park). Here is a site dedicated to raising these birds similar to ostriches, where you can take photos, feed them and learn more about this species. The Park is in the direction of way to Puerto Natales (take the turning for Green River) and is open daily from 9 to 19 hrs.

Punta Arenas - Parque Nacional Marino Francisco Coloane - Pinguinos¿What is the better experience than cross the Strait of Magellan and see wildlife in all its glory? During this amazing trip you can visit the Francisco Coloane Marine Park. Is the first area of water protection in the country, including important sectors such as the channel of St. Jerome and Saint Agnes Island. Named after the successful Chilean writer, winner of the National Literature Prize, elected to the Chilean Academy of Language and Chevalier des Arts et des Lyrics in France, among other awards.
In this place live multiple cetacean species, southern dolphins, Magellanic penguins; sea lions eyed Cormorants, among others. An unforgettable point of this trip is to see jumping whales.

Punta Arenas it’s almost at the end of the world, but doesn’t mean that can’t offer views for all kind of visitors. The southern zone of Chile has beautiful scenery, everything 328 km from National Park and Hotel Las Torres Patagonia.