Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres
Hotel Las Torres


You can make a reservation via mobile too.

For inquiries regarding availability or making reservation do not hesitate in contacting our sales staff.  You could call by telephone to our offices in Punta Arenas, send an email or simply contact them via Skype.

Office Phone – Punta Arenas: (56)(61) 2617450 –  2617451  - 2617452
Hotel Phone – Torres del Paine: (56)(61) 2617490 – 2617491 – 2617492 – 2617493 – 2360361


Sales Team
Phone Reservation Direct Contact
Paola Mascareña (56)(61) 2617 450 MSNStatus of Paola Mascareñareserva10.lastorres
Jeannette Haro
(56)(61) 2617 451
MSN programa@lastorres.comStatus of Programas Las Torres programa.lastorres
Pamela Melian
(56)(61) 2617 452
MSN pam.andrea@lastorres.comStatus of Pamela Melian reservas1.lastorres
Carolina Bravo
(56)(61) 2617 470
MSN cbravo@lastorres.comStatus of Carolina Bravo reservas4.lastorres
Yasna Paredes
(56)(61) 2617 460
MSN yasna.paredes@lastorres.comStatus of Yasna Paredes reservas5.lastorres

To download Skype simply visit:

Payment Form


  • The credit card numbers with their respective expiry dates must be send to Las Torres via email or fax at (56) (61) 617450.
  • For the reservation to be complete, the 15% of the totality of all services booked will be charged. We will notify the amount charged through email or fax.


  • Under de name of “Las Torres de la Patagonia S.A.“
  • Chile Bank Account:
    Pesos: Banco Corpbanca 04-942120
    US Dollars: Banco Corpbanca 5397834
  • Bank Account in USA (New York):
    Bank Name: CorpBanca New York Branch
    ABA Code: 026014627
    Swift Code: CONBUS33
    Company Name: Las Torres de la Patagonia S.A.
    Count Number: 3002191

Once the deposit has been made, a copy of the deposit slip should be sent through fax or email.


Reservations are considered tentative until client confirmation and deposit of 15% of the total bill. The remaining sum must be paid 45 days before the arrival at the hotel. Reservations made within 44 days of arrival should be paid within 48 hours.

Our summer cancellation policy is (Nov-Feb):

  • 61 days or more before arrival have no cancellation fees
  • 60-46 days before arrival 15% down payment
  • 45-30 days before arrival 50% cancellation fee
  • 29 days or less before arrival 100% cancellation fee

Our spring/autumn cancellation policy is (Sep-Oct / Mar-Apr) :

  • 31 days or more no cancellation fees
  • 26 – 30 days before arrival 15% down payment
  • 20 – 25 days before arrival 50% cancellation fee
  • 19 days or less before arrival 100% cancellation fee