Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres
Hotel Las Torres


Rooms at the Hotel Hotel Las Torres give us the perfect accommodation to relax after an exciting day of sightseeing. The decoration and interior layout of the rooms are simple and comfortable, trying to bring the comfort that in your own home.

With a rustic, simple and comfortable stile, the rooms have central heating, box spring beds, telephones, private bathrooms, wireless internet and a wide variety of services. Enjoy interesting facilities with a simple call massage services, restaurant, bar and tours organization.

* All rooms have: Central heating, private bathroom with tub, amenities, wi-fi, closet and hairdryers.

Suite Room:

These are the largest rooms of the Hotel, they have a mini bar, Wi Fi, a small lounge, and a jacuzzi, from where you can relax and enjoy the amazing view of the Paine Massif.

Rooms: 2
Measures: 32 mts 2

Superior “Ciprés”:

New spacious and comfortable rooms, with excellent insulation and large windows to enjoy the scenery. Decorated with traditional elements such as sheep´s wool weaving, masks from the regional ethnic tribes and furniture made by artisans from Patagonia.

Rooms: 34
Measures: 22 mts 2

Superior “Canelo”:

Our rooms are cozy and part of a warm atmosphere that combines space and comfort with simple elements of the history and culture of Patagonia.

Rooms: 38
Measures: 20 mts 2

Standar “Lenga”:

Small and very comfortable rooms in the part of the hotel that was built as the first one.

Rooms: 10
Measures: 15 mts 2