Torres del Paine Hotel Las Torres
Hotel Las Torres


From the environmental consciousness that Las Torres has developed, came the necessity to be consequential with the care and sustainability of our resources. And in this form, present a positive image, not only as a business, but as a destination to which people travel from all over the world.

To achieve this objective, we have developed the following programs:

  • Recycling
    We separate recyclable items from the rest of our trash. We deliver the glass to Coaniquem, the nonprofit organization that benefits burned children, and sell the aluminum to support AMA Torres del Paine, an organization dedicated to the environmental conservation. Organic waste is used to feed pigs that in turn produce cured ham. The trash is taken away from Estancia Cerro Paine in our own garbage truck. The piles are kept and reintegrated in new constructions.
  • Clean production
    Our ecological concern drives us to use natural gas as our main fuel. In Magallanes we are the first tourist complex with clean energy and occupy Natural GNC, or compressed natural gas. We are in the process of changing all of our boilers, kitchens and electric generators to natural gas.
  • Solar panels
    Solar panels are being used in the Fantantico Sur Hostels.
  • Environmental auditing
    We voluntarily submitted to the environmental auditors the Chilean Security Association offers and immediately complied with all of their recommendations.
  • Support for scientific investigations and ONG, or non-profit organizations
    We support the scientific community with room and board as they carry out their investigations.