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Taste of the Patagonia “Asado de cordero”

Every person who visits Las Torres del Paine must try a true Patagonian lamb. “Lamb barbecue” or “asado de cordero”is traditional dish of the Patagonia. It is considered as one of the best meat in the world.

Meat of the Patagonian lamb has achieved great international recognition thanks to its delicious taste, excellent quality and its product image from one of the least polluted parts in the world. The lamb is raised on natural pastures and in consequence the meat has natural flavor, more tender, juicy, soft and tasty.

Traditionally Patagonian lamb is raised with his mother until reaching 60 - 90 days and the weight ranging from 19 to 24 kilos. The ideal weight of meat for roasting is about 9 kilos.

The final taste of the barbeque always lies in the hands person who grills the lamb, depending on her experience and roasting technique.

How to prepare “Asado de cordero”?

Preparing and sharing a Patagonian roast lamb is part of a ceremony. First you make a good fire, if possible, from the type of wood known for its hardness.

Flavor meat with salt. Then thread the lamb along on a stick, with the bracket well stretched. It should hang down with the chops to get more heat to the legs and parts with more meat. It´s cooked over a low fire until the meat is almost crispy.

The locals eat this meat without removing the skin. It is also rich with herbs and other species.