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Baqueanos Welcoming

The baqueano is one of the most important characteristic symbols of the Southern Patagonia and Torres del Paine Park. Being adventurers connected with their land, they represent the essence of Southern culture.

[SinglePic not found]They describe themselves as country people who know very well their land , natural resources and the way how to extract them. Since the appearance in middle of twentieth century, the baqueano is characterized by staying in darkness and in adverse areas like snow or pampa. Besides this the baqueano is very good horseman and an excellent hunter.

At first glance, baqueano is identified by his typical clothes which consist of baggy trousers, beret, scarf, belt / sash, knife close to belt, and leather accessories.

Although he can be considered a bit shy, when baqueano trusts, has a great relation and interacts with the tourists and visitors, who amass to share with original people from the zone.

By family tradition, baqueanos since the childhood have been taught to riding and trusting the instincts of the horses. This has made them excellent guides of the excursions which permit cross the park without any restriction rather than contemplate the incredible scenery.

Hotel Las Torres is aware that the experience of visiting the Torres del Paine should be fully enjoyable and we have included “Welcome from Baqueanos” in the program “All Inclusive” and transportation (new service).

One kilometer before the guests arrive to the hotel, a group of galloping baqueanos escort van, with the regional flag and yelling that celebrate the arrival of new visitors. Is a unique opportunity to experience up close the wealth of the people, who live in the far south of the country.

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