Cerro Paine Ranch Inaugurates the welcome Centre

With local authorities, tour guides and visitors all present, the inauguration of the “Estancia Cerro Paine Welcome Centre” took place. It’s the starting point for the renowned “W” and “O” trekking circuits and for the climb up to the base of the famous three towers, which during last season experienced an important surplus of interest not only along the paths, but also throughout the campsites and refuge spots. Josian Yaksic Kusanovic, President of the Board at Estancia Cerro Paine, explained that the idea is to use the space to receive tourists upon arrival so that they reserve lodging online and have access to facilities that include a cafeteria, WIFI and an outdoors equipment shop. It’s a concept designed with the visitor in mind so that he or she can plan better and learn about the park’s rules at the same time.
Mauricio Kusanovic, the President of AMA Torres del Paine, explained that “for us, this is a real milestone. It marks a distinctive development in the way in which things are generally managed in the region. At present, Cerro Paine is promoting itself as a Regional Park for Natural Conservation and Ranch Culture. We hope that this site will be a tremendous platform that will work alongside CONAF, providing management support in Torres del Paine. In this way, we’re sending out a very clear signal about the kind of challenge we face and what it will mean to us here in the region. We hope that these measures will help us achieve the added value expected by tourists, which is essentially offering them remote, wild nature alongside pristine, first-class services so that they can enjoy themselves and have an unforgettable experience in Torres del Paine,” Kusanovic made clear. “Sustainability is really the spinal cord of the project, holding everything together. It’s based on dynamic social, environmental and economic concepts. Managing them, working with guides and the local community, is one of the greatest challenges that we have and that we are broaching well. From her on, Estancia Cerro Paine will be a much more active place in terms of involving the community thanks to this project,” he concluded.