1. What is the best time to visit the Torres del Paine National Park?

The National Park is open all year, but the best time to visit is between October and April, coinciding with spring and summer in the southern hemisphere. This period is characterized by sunny days, less rain and more than 16 hours of natural light.

Hotel Las Torres only operates between October and April and stays closed in winter.

2. How many days are recommended to be in the National Park?

To enjoy the delights and wonders of the park we recommend a minimum of 3 nights. You should consider the days of entry and exit where it is often not possible to make excursions, due to the long journeys by car.

3. What about the condition of the roads?

The majority of the roads is paved and in good condition until Cerro Castillo. From there a gravel road takes you the last hour until you reach the National Park. This road is in constant maintenance, which allows you to travel without problems.

4. How to get to the National Park?

Torres del Paine National Park is located in the community of Torres del Paine, Province of “Última Esperanza” (“Las Hope”), Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic. In Patagonia you will generally find extensive territories used for sheep farming, wide spaces and very little human intervention.

Most of our visitors arrive from the following cities:

  • Punta Arenas (Chile): 395 km
  • Puerto Natales (Chile): 150 km (between P. Arenas and Torres del Paine)
  • Calafate (Argentina): 394 km


The hotel offers direct transfers from all three of these cities. Please find more information about how to get there in Location.

5. How far is to the Hotel from Las Torres del Paine?

Hotel Las Torres is located in a strategic location, right at the starting point of the most important trekking circuits in the park. It is an 8 hour round trip to the base of the famous three towers (Las Torres) and you can complete it either entirely on foot or part of it on horseback.

It is worth mentioning that from Hotel Las Torres it is not possible to see actually see the three towers because they are hidden behind Mount Almirante Nieto. Depending on the weather, you can see the top of the three Torres, however it is necessary to make the trekking to reach them.

6. What kind of tours can be taken with the all-inclusive?

We offer a wide variety of tours either by car, horseback or trekking. You simply have to choose the excursion that is in your preference, interest or ability.

You are invited to ride through the pampas, walk through virgin forests and observe the wonderful wildlife of this earth.

Our guides will lead you to discover life at the end of the world, while glaciers and mountains watch your steps. This is the Patagonia… experience it in Hotel Las Torres. Please keep in mind that not all excursions are offered daily.

For more information, please visit: Excursions.

7. Do I need to book excursions earlier?

We recommend that you book in advance due to high demand during high season. This way you can secure a spot for the excursion you are interested in.

8. Do I need experience to ride a horse?

It is not necessary to have experience in riding a horse, because our baqueanos (gauchos) give guests a prior basic instruction on how to do it.

9. If I don’t want to do trekking, do I have other options available?

Hotel Las Torres also offers various horseback trips like Lago Nordenskjold and Cerro Paine as well as vehicle excursions like Full Day Paine and Laguna Azul. Please find more information in Excursions and keep in mind that not all excursions are offered daily.

10. Are all excursions are included in the all-inclusive program?

Yes, all of the excursions are included in our all-inclusive programs but not every tour is available daily. It is important to mention that tours to the French Valley and the Grey Lookout are only available from November until the month of March due to the working period of the catamaran that crosses Lake Pehoe.

12. What does the all-inclusive program include?

Our all-inclusive programs are designed to give you the freedom to visit various areas of the park, without having to constantly pull out your credit card.

Program includes:

  • Transfers IN / OUT from Punta Arenas or Calafate.
  • Visit to Cerro Negro Ranch en route from Punta Arenas.
  • Entrance fee to Torres del Paine National Park.
  • All meals.
  • Open Bar
  • All excursions* inside the National Park.
  • Bilingual guides.
  • WI-FI (only in common areas).
  • Accommodation in superior room.
  • A 20% discount in our spa.

*“Full Paine” with navigation on Lago Grey: only tour that requires prior reservation (Limited availability). The navigation is offered by an external company and therefore we don´t take any responsibility for cancellations due to weather conditions or technical issues.

All tours have departure times scheduled during the morning and afternoon but not every excursion is available daily.

Program does not include:

  • Premium wines, premium liquors & premium beer.
  • Transfers outside our regularly scheduled times (listed below).
  • Laundry.
  • Tips.
  • Phone Calls.
  • Navigations.
  • Unscheduled meals.
  • Accommodation outside Torres del Paine National Park.

13. Why should I take the option of an all-inclusive program?

Our all-inclusive service allows our guests to disconnect from their daily routines and discover the natural wonders of Torres del Paine National Park. You won´t have to worry about paying service by service, every time you contract one. This certainly allows you to enjoy your vacation much more.

You should also consider that there are no other restaurants, bars or hiking services close by, so it is very convenient having everything booked beforehand.

14. Is there free internet connection at the hotel?

Due to the remote location of the hotel, we only count with satellite internet which has limited speed depending on weather conditions and the number of people connected.  Also, it is only available in public areas.

15. What kind of dining options can I have?

There are two options were you can lunch and dinner: Restaurant Coirón or Bar Pionero.

16. Can I purchase outdoor clothes at the Hotel if I did not bring any?

The hotel has a souvenir shop that offers clothing such as fleece jackets, scarfs, hats, pants and shoes. However, we recommend Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales as an alternative to find a greater variety of clothing items.

17. Should I book SPA services before arrival?

The Spa at Hotel Las Torres offers various massages and treatments to revitalize. It is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and we recommend booking prior to your arrival at the hotel. It is also possible to book your treatment at the front desk once you arrive to the hotel or at least one day in advance.

For more information visit: SPA Boutique.

18. If I take a regular bus to Laguna Amarga, how do I get to the hotel?

Hotel Las Torres is located 7 km from Laguna Amarga and if you arrive by regular bus to the park entrance, we offer a private shuttle service for our guests and a public shuttle service for backpackers to take them to the “refugios” of Fantástico Sur, the camp site or the trailhead of the “W” and “O” circuit. The transfer fee is $ 2,800 Chilean Pesos or USD 5  (per person/one way) and can be paid directly to the driver.

Please find here the departure schedule:

19. Is there any private or semi-private transportation service to and from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Calafate (in Argentina)?

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia offers direct transfers from Punta Arenas and El Calafate (Arg), an exclusive shuttle service for guests of our all-inclusive programs. You can also book a private transfer for up to 8 people.

To book this service plase write to info@lastorres.com

20. What is AMA Torres del Paine?

AMA Torres del Paine is a nonprofit organization, which aims to contribute to environmental protection work in conservation, research and support, environmental education and project development. Its role is to minimize the impact in the Estancia Cerro Paine in particular and the region in general.

Find more information at: AMA

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