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We have all the necessary elements to make your stay a dream come true at the end of the world.

Find the perfect accommodation to relax after a day full of activities. Discover our traditional cuisine and enjoy one of our signature cocktails. If you are looking for a special treatment, visit our Spa to recover energy to explore the National Park or share a mate with our gauchos.


The suite rooms measure 38 m2, they are the most spacious rooms of the hotel, they have a bar, a small living room and a jacuzzi, places where you can relax enjoying the beautiful view of the Paine Massif.

Capacity: 2 adults and 1 kid up to 3 years.

Beds: King Bed.

View: Mountain.

Cypress Rooms:

The rooms measure 22 m2, are new, spacious, warm, with excellent insulation and large windows to enjoy the landscape. Its decoration stands out with special elements from the area, such as looms, ethnic masks and furniture made by artisans from Patagonia.

Capacity per room: 1 to 2 adults and 1 kid up to 3 years.

Beds: Double / Twin.

View: Mountain / Garden.

Canelo Rooms:

The rooms measure 20 m2, are very warm, with pleasant and comfortable spaces, where simple elements that evoke Patagonian history and culture are mixed.

Capacity per room: 1 to 4 adults and 2 kids up to 3 years.

Beds: Double / Twin.

View: Mountain / Garden.

Excursions Center:

If you want to spend a short walk along the lake or a long walk through the pampas, Hotel Las Torres offers a half-day or full-day excursion to satisfy your search for adventure within the Torres del Paine National Park.

The strategic location of the hotel, at the foot of the majestic “Torres del Paine” mountain range and along the park’s legendary hiking trails, makes it the perfect “base camp” to explore the many natural wonders of the area.

The excursions are designed to enjoy the national park around a variety of subjects, from the flora, fauna and geology of the park, to the heritage and culture of the gauchos and the indigenous peoples of the region. They also include several modes of transport: vehicle, trekking, horses, navigation and climbing. Last but not least, they vary from easy to difficult depending on your physical condition and experience.

One of the great pleasures when staying at Hotel Las Torres, in addition to experiencing the best of Patagonia, is to dine at our “Restaurante Coirón”, specializing in the “flavors of the end of the world”, a unique blend around a creative and modern gastronomy with traditional dishes from Chilean Patagonia.

Our chef uses fresh products that go literally from the farm to your plate, since they come from our own rooms and the organic garden. Our lunches and dinners are à la carte and the presentation of each dish is pure perfection. Meat lovers and vegetarians are also treated at our hotel in Torres del Paine.

But in addition to the culinary experience, the atmosphere of the “Coirón Restaurant” offers the opportunity to observe the Patagonian fauna while tasting our exquisite preparations. The huge windows that surround the restaurant of the Hotel Las Torres, make it easy to see the habits of endemic birds and mammals that come to our garden to rest.

What could have more class in your vacation in Patagonia than enjoying the best regional cocktails, at Hotel Torres del Paine? Comfortable sofas, large windows and excellent service: this is the best definition of “Bar Pionero”, the social center of Hotel Las Torres, where guests share their daily adventures.

Try a “Calafate Sour”, made from the fruit of the endemic bush called “Calafate”, or order a “Pisco Sour”, made from a sprig of mint from the organic garden of the Hotel Las Torres. The “Customs” or the “Aboriginal” – winner of the national tournament “Pure Capel talent 2013” – are just some additional options offered to enjoy the night of your vacation in Patagonia.

If you are still not convinced to visit our hotel in Torres del Paine, we present you our craft beer “Pionera”, which is fermented in the little cabin outside of “Bar Pionero”. Also, do not forget our standard selection of regional, national and Premium wines and spirits, as well as the attractive variety of sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, coffees and desserts. After a wonderful day exploring the national park, “Bar Pionero” is the kind of experience you want to relax.

This service has been created through a collection of elements that are part of the Chilean and endemic nature of Patagonia, which combine to deliver treatments designed for revitalization. Spa Las Torres has specialists and offers hydromassages, mud therapy, sauna, reflexology and massages that will help to vitalize the body, promote circulation, hydrate the skin and relax the muscles.

We know that our hotel is literally in a corner of the planet, but reaching this natural paradise is not impossible. In Hotel Las Torres we offer transfers in one of our van for 9 people, which are made from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Calafate (Argentina). This service is performed twice a day and is for all guests with programs that hire the All-Inclusive. We also offer private transfers for an additional cost.

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The pen of the manger in the Estancia Cerro Paine can house 220 horses, the modern progeny of a tradition that began more than 100 years ago. The first horses arrived in Patagonia at the beginning of the 16th century. These were Spanish ponies that the Indians soon learned to master. The spread of livestock in the southern regions of Chile and Argentina during the nineteenth century, marked the birth of the “baqueana” culture that our own gauchos proudly exhibit. Our horses also seem to have a bit of this, as they take guests on excursions along the shore of lakes and mountains or gallop across the pampas of Chilean Patagonia. If you are looking for good photographic material, catch our baqueanos early in the morning as they enter the herd that was grazing freely during the night.

Kiosk and Souvenir Shop:

Highlighting our artisans and the natural resources of Patagonia, in the Souvenir Shop you can find a wide variety of products made with natural wool, silver jewelry and lapis lazuli, looms and various Chilean products. In addition, we have outdoor equipment and tourism products of special interests as an interesting library where you can find guides of birds, flora and others. As a good complement for your walks, at the kiosk you will find a wide variety of chocolates, cookies and other national snacks, as well as pharmacy products and useful food for trekking and camping.

Organic garden:

Necessity is the mother of inventions. When the Kusanovic Family took over the property in the 70s, they immediately began cultivating their own herbs, fruits and vegetables, a tradition that continues to this day. The natural fertilizer used in our garden comes directly from our stables and many of the ingredients found in our restaurant dishes and cocktails are grown directly there. This gives way to the commitment that Hotel Las Torres has with sustainable tourism and its long-term strategy to leave the smallest possible footprint within the national park.


Enjoy a unique moment in life. You can choose between Bed & Breakfast; All Inclusive or Special All Inclusive Programs (Honeymoon, Puma Encounter and more).

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